1. What is the difference between laptops, tablets and smartphones?


Smartphone PCs find their place between tablets and conventional laptop computers.

The biggest difference between these three types is the size, capabilities and ease of use.

Each device has its own merits and can not be replaced by one of the other two immediately.

Smartphones are large, with screens from 7 "and 10", but smaller and more compact than most laptops.

They are designed to be ultra-portable, super-functional computers that are compact enough to store. In a small bag But it is not only their web connectivity and streamlined design that make smartphones so popular - it's also their new interactive screen technology.

With the tap of a finger you can surf, email and use social networking sites. You can share your files, manage photos, play games and watch movies with sharp resolution.

2. I hear all about apps - what are they and where can I find them?


Apps (short for applications) are packages of software that is easy to identify, easy to download and easy to use.

Some apps are free, but you will have to pay for others when you download them to your smartphones.

Some of the most popular lifestyle apps include Facebook, Angry Birds, YouTube and Skype.

Also for your business different apps were developed. Some of the famous work-oriented apps Linkedin, OneNote, WebEx and Weatherbug, and all are designed to maximize your productivity and connectivity - wherever you are.

Refer to our website for an overview of interesting apps in the education sphere.

3. How do I set up my Jiayu mobile?


The smartphones are designed to be quick and easy to use, immediately after unpacking.

Once you have worked with your smartphone some time everything will become familiar and you will quickly learn how to use your smartphone most efficiently.

But what if you've never used a smartphone, and a helping hand with an initial set-up?

Jiayu mobile here provides the solution for you through our demo days. Furthermore, you can use all your questions to our contact page.

Our technical experts ensure that your settings up-to-date set, make you familiar with the main features, configure your email and ask all your options on your smartphone so that it works exactly the way you want it.

4. How can I protect my Jiayu from viruses and other Internet threats?


Your data, including personal files, games, movies and music are valuable, and we understand that the prospect of losing is always a threat.

The good news is that the security software can be downloaded for free on Google Play: eg AVG Antivirus.

It's also a good idea to invest in an external hard drive and store. Occasional backup the contents of your smartphone. 

Dowload and install not just any application on your Jiayu. See the "permissions" that this application requires to your device.

5 . How many files , apps and other data on my smartphone?


The smartphones are supplied with a variety of formats that are expressed in gigabytes (GB ) data storage. At this time they are between 1 GB and 64 GB .

The exact memory capacity of your smartphone can be found on our website :

The smartphone may soon occupy a central place in your daily life and work . And like most people , you will start collecting movies, photos, apps , games and other data . Over time, this material will begin to weigh in your storage .

Therefore Jiayu offers a range of accessories that give you the storage flexibility you need.

The two most ideal items here are a Micro SD card or an external hard drive . The Micro SD card increases the capacity of the smartphone significantly , and with the external hard drive , you can safely store all your data .

These two accessories offer a waterproof backup solution so that you never have to worry about data loss worries - the worst nightmare of every user .