Unit has 2 years warranty for matters outside warranty we work with a service center which have all the parts in stock . You can contact them via email:
Jiayu G4 manual (English )
Jiayu G4 manual ( Dutch )
setting Proximus 3G
setting mobistar 3g
setting base 3g
If you have a problem with your phone , we recommend that you first go to the troubleshooter below to watch . Your problem is not in the list or the proposed solution does not work, please feel free to contact us through our contact page . The support department ' Jiayu mobile' will contact you as soon as possible .
First of all switch problems at first the phone off and on again . This solves simple system errors and crashes usually just .
1. Phone will not turn on
Check the battery status , charging if necessary 5min before you start your phone.
Still unable then to turn your phone then you can try to reset it.
2. No sound from headphones
Check that the sound is off or it is put . "0" Try another headset to check if your current is not broken .
3. Strong noise or crackling .
Check if there is dust in the headset or speaker . Check if the music file you want to play is damaged.
4. Deviations screen or screen does not respond
To fix this, you can do the following : a) Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch panel calibration to calibrate the screen , or b) When panel calibration fails, you can keep the on / off button for 15 seconds to off. phone PC Calibration occurs automatically if your phone PC is booted . Use actions to carry a USB mouse . Onto the phone
5 . Application does not work or give error messages
Possible reasons for this are that this app is not compatible with Android 4 or the phone or the downloaded apk file is corrupted. Just look in the Google Play Store or there is an alternative or possibly a newer version that is already compatible with Android 4 .
6. The phone freezes after I mounted a USB device
The aan-/afkoppelen certain USB devices while the power is on can cause a sudden shutdown of the unit. Press if this happens press the reset button (with clip ) and then plug the device in the diet . The device will then switch back easily. To avoid this problem, connect your peripherals at best before the unit to turn on .
7. How can I delete a Google Account ?
When an account is added , it appears in " Accounts & sync" under "Settings " , where you can also add new accounts. To remove an unwanted account, go to "Settings " → " Privacy Settings " → "Reset factory data " . It also introduces the internal memory of your phone , downloaded apps , etc. removed , except the information on external devices such as a USB stick or SD card , is stored . Be careful when performing this operation .
8. How do I turn the keyboard over to azerty ?
First, go to the settings . As you click in the left column on ' Language and Input " , then click on the scroll bars to the right of " Android Keyboard "under" Keyboards and Input Methods ' , Now click on the top ' Input Languages " . Check ' system language ' finished , check ' French' and uncheck ' Dutch ' off .
9. The app that I want to install the google play store can not be found or is not "compatible" .
Some developers protect their app store on the play off for unknown phone models from smaller manufacturers. This does not mean that they can not work on the phone . We have a zip file for our clients available with the current apps that are sometimes not installable from the Google Play Store . To install the apps enough to put it on a USB stick or Micro SD card and then install . AppInstaller through the program Many other apps can be found simply on the internet after searching Google for " name - of -app apk download ' . Once downloaded you can ' find apk' - files in the folder ' these downloads . Clicking once suffices to automatically install .
10. The phone often falls off when the battery is not depleted ( over 25 % )
Sometimes it can be the battery level displayed incorrectly and your phone is empty while the battery still shows 30 % or more . To solve this problem , you can recalibrate the battery with the following app
For optimal use, you charge the phone after calibrating yet 3x fully ( when phone is completely off ) and charge it until it fails as a unit.
Event that the problem is not resolved , install a the best system software ( see below )
11. Solving Wi -fi connection issues
Usually it is connecting to a wireless network no problem . Yet people encounter some problems . For example, if one wants to connect to a new Wi - Fi network , after installing a new wireless network or when there are changes in the wireless network .
authentication Problem
Give your phone an authentication problem ? Play around with the security settings of your wireless router . For example, try WPA2 with TKIP or WPA2 with AES . Does it not work? Then try WPA instead of WPA2 . There will certainly be a security setting in which you can sit with Wi - Fi . Android device connection
Other Wi - Fi problems
I discuss below some common problems and indicate what you can do to fix it. I hereby assume that you can change anything on the network so these tips also help with a hotspot connection problems . Can you do something to change the network or is your problem not listed below ? Have a look at:
Wi - Fi amplifier .
Network Key lost
Improve Wi - Fi reception . I do not see any wireless network. I want to connect to a wireless network that I know it exists . But I do not see him appear in the list of available Wi - Fi networks. This problem can have several causes . You can check the following: It sounds obvious, but make sure your wireless network is enabled. This may be disabled via software or laptops with a button on the laptop. Knippert the light on your Wi -Fi card or burn it ? If this is not the case, then your card or the port to which it is connected are broken.
Remove your wireless card or USB adapter and reconnect it to your computer or laptop . This is often a solution to problems with your wireless network . Try your Wi - Fi card in a different computer . Not , does this also then the card may be broken. If possible : put the access point (or wireless router ) , wait 30 seconds and then turn it on again.
Provide the latest drivers and client software of your wireless network .
Uninstall the software from your wireless card and reinstall it.
I can not connect
I see a wireless network , but can not connect . Often has to do this with security settings, but it can also be due to other causes :
See if other computers are able to connect . If that is the case , then the problem is limited to 1 computer . It may be that you are too far from the access point is whether this is due to the strength of your router. There are multiple devices connected to your router , so that the signal from your phone is too weak and the connection fails . Turn Wi - Fi on the other devices , and reconnect with your phone .. Often the signal strength in Windows may not be appropriate . Measure the signal agree with Netstumbler . Check the network key you entered and re-enter the WPA key in a type error is easily made. Put , if possible , from the encryption on the router or access point and see whether you can now verbinden.Controleer or the name of the Wi - Fi network is short and that there are no spaces or weird characters occur. Reset the router or access point , if you have to access it .
Signal strength is weak
I have a weak reception . Can I improve Wi - Fi reception ? That is possible. There are a few solutions for a stronger signal. Turn your phone even 90 degrees in a different direction . Move closer to the access point down. Purchase a stronger Wi - Fi card. Manufacturers leverer Wi - Fi receivers with 100mW transmit power. Try a stronger Wi - Fi antenna . Check whether your network has the ability to replace the antenna.
I get no network or internet access
I can connect to an access point and I get assigned an IP address . However, I can not on the network or Internet. If it is an access point where ( for example, a school or a hotspot ) you , you can check a few things has no direct access to :
It could be that not access guests. You may have an access nodig.Wellicht you must accept the terms of use . This you often see at hotspots .
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