Conditions of sale

Sale and Delivery



All agreements that are established between NV Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) and the Purchaser shall be subject to the following sales and delivery , unless express written deviation . Already communicated or even communicate general purchase by the Purchaser or are not agreed and are Jiayumobile( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) fully considered non-existent .


All offers are subject , both the price and availability concerns . Prices do not include shipping and insurance . If the production costs between the contract date and delivery Jiayumobile( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) can increase by count . The sales prices indicated on the site are inclusive of all taxes , but without shipping costs . Any shipping costs for the user and will be calculated at the end of the order , in addition to the price of the selected products . Jiayumobile( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) can not be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the omrekensysteem used , nor for a possible difference that may exist between the total estimated amount of your order and the amount shown on your bill . We reserve the right to change prices at any moment but we are committed to apply those indicated on the site at the time of your order . Rates We also inform you that in the event of publication , for whatever reason ( computer failure , human error , technical error , ... ) of an incorrect price , which without a doubt is implausible , your order will be canceled , even if in a an earlier stage has been confirmed .
The goods always travel at the risk of the Purchaser . The delivery times are indicated by way of information only and can not be guaranteed . Delays in delivery can not give rise to compensation chargeable to Jiayumobile( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) . Orders may be delivered in sections . Furthermore, also applies :
Delivery : shall mean the period within which the goods warehouses of Jiayumobile( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) must leave , not below the period within which the goods have reached the customer , will take a minimum of 10 working days .
Backorders Term : Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) is entitled to extend the delivery period of 14 days , in all cases, the period of 14 days starts from the day that a summons by registered mail at the offices of Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) is receive .
We can process your order depending on the available resources .
In the event that a product you ordered is not in stock , we are committed to bring you within fifteen days after the passing of the order of this by email up to date and indicate the length of time the product is delivered to you be .
If certain products that are temporarily unavailable , we will send the available products and will pay the postage for the rest of the order gift . Instead we propose to send . A product of equivalent quality and price If you refuse, we will proceed to refund the said product . If you choose to send within the conditions specified in law to return the product back - " money back " , the cost of returning to our account .
Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) is committed to respect . Delivery times stated on the site We can not be held responsible for any delivery that arrive late or a package that is lost by third parties or by unforeseen circumstances or force majeure .


Every return is subject to our prior approval . They will be returned carriage paid and in good condition within 8 days of delivery . To be taken into consideration any complaint must be in writing within 3 days of delivery happen on penalty of forfeiture due to lateness .
5 .
Jiayumobile( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) offers five calendar days to send at no additional cost , except for the return fee. Return your product This period starts from the moment you receive your package. The current law on restitution provides that only products that can be Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA -BLUE ) , re- sold can be returned (with all included accessories, instructions , etc ) . Incomplete , damaged or dirty products are not returnable . Once you make use of your right to a refund , Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) undertakes to pay you cash within a maximum period of 30 days. The total amount of your order Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) does not accept " Satisfied or your money back " return for the following products : - Products that are already configured or customized ( eg installed apps , completed user settings ) The right of withdrawal may be exercised at no cost , except . the return costs , which are borne by the customer. Returns can not be taken in our warehouses. Received Please send to the address we specify . Return your products
We strongly encourage you to send a completed return form and autographed . Return your package back This return form by mail can be obtained from you send the return packet from the supplier of your choice . We strongly recommend the package by registered mail to send back or proof of delivery or to connect to the market value of the products to protect you from financial loss in the event of loss or damage insurance with the supplier on . For the repair of some digital products , the workplace may be required to erase the memory or hard disk of the machine data. To avoid the loss of it , we recommend that you back up your data regularly backed up and - if possible - before you send your product to after sales . Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) can not be held responsible for any loss of data being compromised.
All invoices are payable in Ostend , the products are delivered only when there is a prepayment happened. With extra large orders , an exception can be made and that will determine Jiayumobile itself Any amount unpaid on the due date applies next line . Shall automatically and without notice , interest , equal to the legal interest rate plus 4% for both and after the summons . In any case of non -payment on the due date , we reserve the right , without prior notice to raise a minimum of € 75 and a maximum of € 2,500 . The amount of the bill by 15 % The costs of collection , including the costs of legal assistance shall be borne by the Buyer. The non -payment on the due date of a single invoice, the balance due from all the others, even not due, bills of right payable .
If the Purchaser fails to fulfill his obligations, the sale is automatically terminated and without notice , without prejudice to our rights to damages and interest . The expression of a registered letter by Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) will suffice .
If confidence Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) in the creditworthiness of the Buyer is shocked by acts of judicial foreclosure against the buyer and / or other events that draw confidence in the proper performance against the commitments made in copper demand and / or impossible , Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) reserves the right of the Purchaser to require appropriate guarantees. If the buyer refuses to go , the Purchaser reserves the right to cancel the whole order or its part, even if the goods have already been dispatched . Wholly or partially
The drawing and / or acceptance of bills of exchange or other negotiable instruments does not imply novation and does not constitute a deviation from the conditions of sale.
The products offered on the site are protected by various commercial warranties are described in detail below. If the customer accepts these commercial guarantees , the legal safeguards in accordance with the legal conditions below apply to all products, new or used , which are sold on site by Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) . Continue As for the legal guarantee in force , committed Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) is to deliver as specified in the signed sales contract your order. Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) meets any lack of conformity which are present during the delivery. To be in conformity with the contract, the products must


- to the description on the site when you order them , (excluding the photographic images of the products )


- comply with the normal use to which similar products meet or satisfy the special use of the customer with which the customer Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) has been informed and formally Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) was accepted ;


- the quality and performance which offers a similar product , which the consumer can reasonably expect , taking into account the nature of the product and the features described on the site.

In de veronderstelling dat een conformiteitsgebrek zich voordoet, zal het defecte product volledig hersteld worden, zonder kosten voor de klant. Wij herinneren u eraan dat ieder conformiteitsgebrek gedekt wordt gedurende 2 jaar, te tellen vanaf de besteldatum. Wij herinneren u eraan dat de wettelijke garantie niet of slechts gedeeltelijk toegepast kan worden in volgende situaties:

-repair of damage that external factors ( such as shocks , lightning , power spikes, rust , sand ... )

-through no fault of the customer 's non - conforming use or installation as directed by the manufacturer ,

-wrong or harmful use that shortens the life of the device , by adjusting or modifying the hardware or software related to the operating system.

-any lack of conformity which the customer was aware at the time of the order.



Commercial guarantees from the manufacturer (defective products ) : On top of the legal guarantees , some products may have a manufacturer's warranty which can be dependent on the type of product and brand extension . In general, manufacturer warranties do not cover:

-replacement of consumables (batteries , HDMI ports , USB ports , AC ports , SD card ports, buttons , ... ) ;

-defects and damage to equipment ;

-abnormal or non -conforming use of the products;

-damage caused by the intervention of a non - authorized repairer by the manufacturer ;

-repair of damage that external factors ( eg accident , internal or external shock , lightning , power spikes, rust , sand ... ) .


We strongly encourage you to carefully read the user manual supplied with the exact conditions to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty carefully consider . Anyway Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) can not be held responsible if the manufacturer refuses warranty to apply for any of the reasons described above . If the guarantee is not applicable, the repair of the product will be subject to a quotation from the manufacturer . The manufacturer may charge administrative fees when you ask to send back without repair , suggested by the manufacturer in his quotation the product. You can also choose not to return at no extra cost your product. You have three months to accept or reject , and to pay the amounts due. Possible the quotation thus established After this period , we consider the quotation to be rejected and renouncement of the article. There is then no compensation will be issued . Each article can not be more than twice our shipped to a customer. After sales service If these two transmissions fail ( parcel refused delivery impossible , etc. ) the article will be made by the Logistic Service Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA -BLUE ) for three months to the customer. Available After this period, the item will be considered abandoned . Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) then it has every right to dispose of it . The article can be destroyed , without any further compensation can be claimed in this case.


Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) is not responsible for the compatibility with and use of third party software and hardware .
Notwithstanding buyer risks relating to the goods , we retain title to the delivered goods until full payment of the price. The advances continue Jiayumobile ( Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) ) as compensation for possible losses on resale .
Only Belgian law. All agreements In case of dispute , the district court in Ostend , Bruges or the courts to the court of the domicile of the purchaser , at the discretion of ( Jiayumobile ( BVBA LILA - BLUE ) ) only competent .